Thank you!

Thank you!

Every great and fun job I have ever had has always been at heart about the fantastic people that I have worked with.  I was thinking about this last week as I posted Irene & Lung’s wedding pictures.  Following their wedding they sent me such lovely gifts and a beautiful letter of thanks that it actually made me cry(!)- I am truly lucky to have both a brilliant job and to meet and work with such wonderful people.  Irene wrote…

“Dear Lorna, Thank you for playing such an important role in our wedding.  We cannot thank you enough.. we really appreciate all of the little (and big!) things you have done for us.  You gave us a really good deal, you took many pictures on the day, and you even climbed over the hedge onto the top of structure and took our group pictures! That was so brave of you!  The website is amazing and the music you chose is gorgeous!  I won’t list all the things or I will be at it all day!

You are such a sweet, kind and generous person, not just a photographer.  You are also very hard-working, being able to show your work in such a short time.  I’m sure more people will be delighted by your work and passion for photography.  I have enclosed a cheque which is for the extra time you have stayed to take portraits for us.  I know you stayed much longer than anticipated.  I have also enclosed a little present  and a gift card as our thank you presents to you- we hope you will like them!   My brother took those pictures by the way; I thought you should know how you looked like during work!  It was so much fun.:)

Thank you again Lorna for being who you are, from the bottom of my heart.  I am so proud that  you were my wedding photographer!  Best wishes and with love, Irene x”

Yes.. my head can still fit through the door!  Truly though, thank you again Irene & Lung for your generosity and kindness…


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